“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newcomer Sutton Stracke is trying to clear things up after facing backlash from Rihanna’s fans.

It started during the season 10 premiere when Stracke questioned Dorit Kemsley about the Fenty (Rihanna’s fashion line) blazer she was wearing.

Stracke misheard that the jacket was from “Fendi” until Kemsley corrected her. Stracke then turned to a confessional where she said, “If a celebrity has done a collaboration, I could care less. I mean, if God came down and helped collaborate with Tom Ford on this dress, that does not interest me.”

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It didn’t take long for RiRi’s fanbase to attack Stracke on social media.

In a statement to People, Stracke tried to clear up that what was aired was not the full conversation.

“What was missed was the first thing out of my mouth to Dorit, which was, ‘I love your dress’. I really loved how she looked; she looked beautiful that night,” Stracke said.

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“Honestly, God and Tom Ford coming together would be a serious dream come true, because I love them both equally,” Stracke continued. “I wasn’t referring to Dorit’s dress. If I like something, I’m going to like it because I like it. Not because God and Tom Ford came together to make it. It had nothing to do with Rihanna and LVMH. I love Rihanna. I’ve got three teenage kids here in the house, so that’s not what it was referring to at all.”

Stracke admitted this was a quick lesson on how quickly comments can be taken out of context.

“You can’t be the editor in this,” Stracke added. “We can try to explain ourselves later, and it’s kind of crazy how editing can change, but I can’t control that.”