Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are dreaming up ideas for a quarantine holiday movie.

While on SiriusXM’s “EW Live” to promote their new show “Friday Night In With the Morgans”.

The “One Tree Hill” alum was explaining that she was set to start work on a Lifetime movie this May which has been delayed by coronavirus precautions when the idea for a holiday movie sprung to mind.

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“We’d been doing our development and writing all winter, and it’s going to be a change,” she shared. “I’ve been pushing for Lifetime to do some more unscripted kind of stuff. We had done an unscripted special when we did our big ‘One Tree Hill’ reunion Christmas movie and that did well!”

Burton continued to say that “people like connecting with people who make these Christmas movies. So perhaps we’ll switch over to some unscripted stuff this year, and then next year we will start filming as soon as we get the green light and it will be an avalanche of Christmas. I promise.”

Morgan expressed, “hopefully you have time between now and December to get one done…But we just don’t know. I still have hope that you’ll save Christmas somehow.”

He added that “maybe you do a Christmas movie doing quarantining and social distancing…How do people fall in love and sell Christmas trees…when you can’t see people?”

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That caused Burton to have an epiphany. “Or you fall in love in quarantine, and Christmas is the first time you see the person! That’s it!!!” she said.

“We cracked it. We’ll shoot it here on the farm!” Morgan noted.

She added, “Done! Christmas 2020, brought to you by the Morgans!”