Kate Beckinsale had to deal with an alleged stalker in her home on Saturday.

Four police officers were seen outside her Brentwood home speaking to one person and checking a backpack left at the scene.

Little is known about the incident but this isn’t the first time Beckinsale has had to deal with a stalker.

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In 2016, Terry Lee Repp made physical contact with Beckinsale at an event in Salt Lake City where he touched her back and threatened to stab her. Later the same year he followed her to Houston where he was arrested.

Police at the time told TMZ that Repp has “an irrational obsession with the victim and has travelled across the country in an effort to harass her.”

The following year, Repp made his way to the Tampa Convention Center. Police were already on the watch for him and arrested and booked him for stalking right before Beckinsale’s Q&A panel.

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As of this point, Repp is not linked to the most recent incident.

ET Canada has reached out to Beckinsale’s rep for comment.

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