Claire Danes is looking back her 7 seasons as Carrie Mathison on “Homeland” as the show is coming to an end.

Speaking to The Guardian about the series finale, Danes expressed how much she will miss playing Mathison.

“Oh my gosh, so much,” Danes said. “I loved her. It was just so nice to play the smartest person in the room, somebody who was so daring and unapologetically ambitious and such a bada**. She’s not really going away.”

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Danes, who won multiple Emmys for her works as Mathison, gushed over the “wonderful and surprising love story” between her and Mandy Patinkin. “It’s not one that we see depicted all that often in pop culture: mentor and mentee.”

She added, “In our first read-through the chemistry was really powerful and palpable. He looks uncannily like my best friend’s dad, who kind of raised me and is a wonderful person but, if [he] got mad at you, you felt pretty shitty. I think that helped: very strong Pavlovian response already built in! And he’s [Patinkin] just very good at what he does. Our partnership grew and deepened over time.”

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And as for Danes and Patinkin’s final scene together, it is sure to be an emotional one.

“It’s not a casual scene,” she revealed. “I think for me that was my cathartic moment when I realized it was over, because to say goodbye to it in its entirety is just too abstract and too huge. There were some tears – many of them – and we just hugged each other for a really long time.”

The series finale of “Homeland” airs Sunday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET.