Jonny West impressed the “American Idol” judges during the first episode to be filmed entirely from home Sunday.

West belted out a stunning cover of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, which he said he’d picked “before all this went down.”

Luke Bryan gushed, “I heard 10 deviations of a music career right there. You can take your career wherever you want to take it. I heard Randy Newman in there, I heard movie soundtracks, I heard so many things. Just don’t stop your music journey no matter what happens, please.”

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Katy Perry, who was dressed as a giant bottle of hand sanitizer for the entire episode, added: “If the show continues to film from home for the rest of the (season), you’re kinda at an advantage, because you can really play your subtleties and it’s so beautiful to hear these subtleties coming from your voice. Top two favourite performances today.”

“I picked the song before all this went down and it means so much more to me now as we’re going through all this,” West said after his performance.

“It was the perfect way to be like, ‘This is what’s waiting for us once all this clears up,’ and it will. So I’m happy to be here and I’m blessed to be here.”

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Jovin Webb’s rendition of Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help From My Friends” also received praise from the judges. See more in the clip below.