Jim Parsons won’t let his husband cut his hair.

Appearing on Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the “Big Bang Theory” alum talks about growing his hair out while in self-isolation.

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When asked if he would let his husband give him a haircut, Parsons responds, “When has that worked out well unless your spouse happens to be a hairstylist? That’s ridiculous.”

He does admit, though, that he is considering letting his husband bleach his hair.

“I’m not a scientist with hair,” Parsons jokes before asking Ellen for advice on bleaching.

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Also on the show, Parsons talks about his new series “Hollywood”, and shares the experience of filming on a set surrounded by naked extras.

“I’ve gone to a lot of gay clubs in my time, and I’ve never seen that many naked people at once, ever,” he says. “I don’t think that’s legal in most places!”

He adds, “I just kept trying not to look.”

“Hollywood”, which is produced by Ryan Murphy, follows a cast of characters attempting to make it in the often racist, homophobic, and misogynist world of classic Hollywood, pushing back on oppressive systems in surprising ways.

In honour of the show, Parsons also does some hilarious impressions of iconic Hollywood stars to raise $10,000 for the LGBTQ+ charity organization GLSEN.