“Goonies” fans hoping for a sequel might have to keep hoping.

On Monday, Josh Gad hosted a special livestream reunion for the film, featuring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and more cast members from the Steven Spielberg-produced kids classic, which turns 35 this year.

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Also appearing during the reunion were starts Kerri Green, Corey Feldman, Ke Huy Quan, Martha Plimpton, and Jeff Cohen.

At one point, Spielberg himself appeared as a surprise and talked about the potential for a sequel to the kids classic, revealing he has “had a lot of conversations about it.”

“Every couple of years we come up with an idea but then it doesn’t hold water,” he said. “The problem is the bar that all of you raised on this genre, I don’t think we’ve really successfully been able to find an idea that is better than ‘The Goonies’ that we all made in the ’80s.”

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The actors all shared their memories of starring in the film, telling stories from the set and more.

“If I were to tell my younger self that this was happening, I would probably have a 1980s Hodor fit,” Gad remarked.

Gad also announced that he hopes to turn the event into a web series called “Reunited Apart”, with the goal of reuniting the casts of various TV shows and movies, with fundraisers to support COVID-19 relief.