Even Luke Skywalker is at a loss for words when it comes to a “Star Wars” plot hole involving R2-D2.

After a tweet by podcaster John Roderick – in which his daughter exposed a seemingly giant gap in “Star Wars” logic – went viral, Mark Hamill weighed in on the decades-old debate.


The droid has a history of keeping secrets to himself, including the knowledge that Luke and Leia are brother and sister as well as several other story points.

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Over the years theories have been floated that R2 did have his memory wiped before meeting Luke, as a droid who is unable to interpret complex human relationships, he believed Luke and Leia knew they were related, or that he thought Anakin Skywalker growing up to be Darth Vader wasn’t a fact that needed to be shared. And, as it has been pointed out, no one thought it was worth interrogating R2-D2, so he was never called upon to answer any of those big questions or tell people more than they absolutely need to know.

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