Dax Shepard: ‘I Am Pro My Children Doing Mushrooms At Some Point’

Dax Shepard welcomes the idea of his children having psychedelic experiences when they are older.

Shepard caught up with Rob Lowe on this week’s episode of “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard“. The conversation shifted to kids and drugs. This led Lowe to ask Shepard, “How old are your kids by the way, ’cause I’m wondering what you tell them about drugs? ‘Cause I’ve been through it with my boys.”

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“I’m so glad you just said that because I was going to ask you the same thing,” Shepard replied. “I am pro my children doing mushrooms at some point. I do think… well, there are a lot of different studies that have pretty conclusively shown that you have long-lasting creative advantages, right. Like if you would’ve done mushrooms… that lasts.”

“So I guess yeah, I’m going to tell my girls to do shrooms and to smoke pot and to drink and to just don’t do cocaine or opioids,” he added. “If you don’t do those two things you’ll likely be able to do all the other ones for the rest of your life but if you get involved with those two.”

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Lowe also shared a story from the intense auditions prior to landing a role in 1983’s “The Outsiders” opposite Tom Cruise where Cruise went “ballistic” over sharing a room. Luckily Lowe didn’t take it personally.

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