Chris Reeve’s Son Discusses ‘Zoom Etiquette’ After Being Caught Pantless On ‘Good Morning America’

“Good Morning America” reporter Will Reeve got caught in an act not unfamiliar to those who work from home.

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One thought often pops into a viewer’s head when you see someone on camera working from home: “Are they wearing pants?”

Well, Reeve – son of the legendary Christopher Reeve – definitely was not.

Reeve recently appeared on “GMA”. It seems the camera shot was wider than expected. Reeve was all business on top but his bottom half was all party. Eagle-eyed precision is not required to catch his bare right thigh and boxer briefs visible at the bottom of the frame.

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Reeve was in high spirits when reacting to the “mortifying” attention.

Reeve had a sense of humour about his sans-trousers gaffe on the following day’s edition of “GMA”, using himself as an example of how not to maintain proper Zoom etiquette.

Reeve offered “a headline reminder for anyone who’s using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, anything with a camera: make sure you frame your shot.”


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