Tiffany Haddish Reveals She Got Caught Using The Washroom While On Zoom, Tells Ellen Which Rapper She’s Been On A Virtual Date With

Tiffany Haddish found out the hard way what not to do on Zoom.

The actress chats with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday’s show, with the talk-show host mentioning the time Haddish went to the bathroom while using the video chat app.

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Haddish shares, “Zoom, I hadn’t really been using it at that point in time and I thought whoever is on the front thing, whoever’s talking, that’s who we can see.

“So I was like ‘I’m not going to say nothing and I’ve got to use the restroom.’ I didn’t want to leave the meeting either, so I took the phone with me, and everybody could see me.

“Needless to say, I sold that show!” she adds.

DeGeneres also talks to Haddish about her dating life.

“I am single, but I’m dating. I’ve been using Bumble. Bumble started this virtual dating thing and it has been great,” she says. “I went on a virtual date with Common and it was super fun.”

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Haddish then shows DeGeneres her attempt at doing the splits, insisting she’s going to nail it before the end of quarantine.

And since Haddish loves DeGeneres’ gift bags, the host makes sure to deliver one to her door.

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