Kaitlyn Bristowe has a special treat in store for fans.

In a new trailer for her upcoming web series, “9 To Wine”, the “Bachelorette” alum, 34, revealed she has new music on the way.

But the new series will cover much more than that, with Bristowe revealing: “We’re going to get down to the real, raw, not-to-glamorous times of life.”

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“Sometimes I fall apart. It happens,” she continued. “I get down, I don’t stay there long. And I’m going to share some tricks and tips to get out of those funks, and hopefully it can help you too.”

The series will even follow Bristowe while she releases the tunes, heads on tour to support her podcast “Off The Vine” and her dreams with boyfriend, and fellow “Bachelor” alum, Jason Tartick.

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“I’m going to bring you along with me while I release my music — which I’m terrified about — while I expand my hair accessory line, while I continue to podcast and hopefully go on tour,” she says. “Scratch that, not hopefully, it will happen. Soon-ish. Maybe. Yes.”

“9 To Wine” premieres May 6 on Kin across YouTube, Instagram TV and Facebook Watch.