Tom Holland probably needs some lessons in game-show hosting.

On Wednesday, the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star hosted an online pub trivia game on Instagram, quizzing fans on everything Marvel.

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Holland explained that he had written the questions on paper cards so people with hearing difficulties could play along, too.

But in a hilarious flub, Holland had also written the answers on the other side, showing them to the audience each time he lifted a card to read out the question.

“At the beginning when all the answers were on the back I was screaming inside like, ‘Please, someone must tell him this!'” one commenter laughed.

Another said, “That was the best entertainment ever! I couldn’t stop laughing when you accidentally revealed the answers especially the Lego DeathStar. You asked the question then revealed the answer whilst talking about your experience.”

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After the show, Holland and his brothers thanked everyone for playing along.