Blake Lively Shows Off Impressive ‘Sesame Street’-Inspired Waffle-Making Skills

Looks like Blake Lively’s waffle-making skills have only improved since entering coronavirus quarantine.

The actress showed off her impressive “Sesame Street”-inspired waffle on Instagram Tuesday, calling the Cookie Monster shaped treat a “self-portrait.”

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Photo: Blake Lively/Instagram
Photo: Blake Lively/Instagram

And just in case fans at home wanted to try out the seemingly simple recipe, Lively shared a step-by-step direction.

First, for the “food coloured blue waffles,” Lively “cubed then tossed around to look like fur and laid out in a round face shape.” Next, she added “cream cheese eyes” and “chocolate disc pupils.” And for the final, Cookie Monster touch, the creative mom of three added, “‘Sesame Street’ alphabet cookies being gobbled in his mouth because he’s the OG gluten savage.”

But don’t fret, if you mess up on your first go, even Lively made some mistakes at her first attempt. She even shared a look on Instagram, writing, “…This is what they mean by being in your ‘experimental phase’, right?”

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Blake Lively/Instagram
Blake Lively/Instagram

Lively, 32, has been quarantining with her mother Elaine, husband Ryan Reynolds and their three daughters.

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