Fans are finally getting a Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande collab.

After dropping a simple tweet last Thursday teasing that something new is coming, on Friday the pair announced a brand new single called “Stuck With U”.

In an Instagram post, Bieber wrote, “Here is the announcement. Very excited because we have finally done it. And it’s really good. I’m releasing a new song #StuckwithU with my friend Ariana Grande next Friday on May 8.”

The video for “Stuck With U” featured fans and celebs dancing with loved one as well as clips of the singers performing. The entire video was shot using only an iPhone.

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And the new single will “fund grants and scholarships for children of first responders who have been impacted by COVID-19 in partnership with the First Responders Children’s Foundation.”

Ahead of the release, Bieber invited fans to send in videos of themselves having fun in quarantine: “This is the prom song for everyone who can’t go to prom now,” he wrote on social media.

“Special announcement tomorrow at 10 am pst…” Bieber teased last Thursday, while Grande replied, “See you there, everybody.”

“More than ever we are seeing the selfless, tireless and amazing work that doctors, nurses and healthcare providers give to the world every day. It is our hope we can lend our voices to raise awareness and give much-needed support for them and their families. It’s my honour to come together with my friend Ariana and our SB Projects family to try and do some good,” Bieber said in a statement obtained by ET Canada.

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Grande added, “I’m so excited to announce that my friend Justin Bieber and I have partnered with SB Projects and First Responders Children’s Foundation on this little project here. We’re very excited about this for so many reasons. We hope we make a big difference with this and we hope it uplifts you and makes you feel happy and that you love it as much as we do. We’ve had a really great time working on this and we’re so excited for you to hear it.”

“On behalf of First Responders Children’s Foundation, I would like to thank Scooter Braun and the entire SB Projects family for bringing all of us together and providing critical support for first responders and their families, and to Ms. Grande and Mr. Bieber for using the power of their music to lift the spirits of first responders responding to this crisis,” Jillian Crane, President of First Responders Children’s Foundation said of the new tune. “We can’t underestimate the stress and suffering of heroes on the frontlines. They are taking care of our communities and it is our responsibility as a Foundation to put money in the hands of the thousands of first responder families that have asked us for help during these tragic times.”

In a new teaser ahead of Friday’s release, Grande shared a heartwarming tribute to the frontline workers.

“Can’t fully articulate how happy I am that we waited this long to do this (the duet thing). This moment really means so much more than it ever could have if it had happened any other way or if it had been any other song,” she wrote to social media. “Being able to lend our voices to this project and collaborating on this has been so fulfilling and I really just love this song so much.”

Meanwhile, Grande later took to Twitter to share an eye-opening video from her home studio, sharing how she recorded her vocals for the collab.

The song isn’t the only thing the pair are joining forces on, in addition they’ve joined other Universal Music Group artists including Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, The Rolling Stones and more released reusable cloth face masks as part of the “We’ve Got You Covered” initiative with donations going to COVID-19 relief efforts.