Mandy Moore Shows Jimmy Kimmel Some Of Her ’90s Memorabilia, Says She Gets Called ‘Bigfoot’ Because Of Her Size-10 Feet

Mandy Moore joined Jimmy Kimmel for the latest at-home edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday.

Moore showed Kimmel some of her old ’90s memorabilia from the start of her career, including her Backstreet Boys tour pass from back in 1999 when she was just 15-years-old and opening up for them.

She also showed the camera a snap of herself posing with the band, as well as an unauthorized Mandy Moore book.

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Moore, who has been promoting her new album Silver Landings, explained: “It’s an actual book that was for sale for $12.95 that someone wrote without me knowing about it.

“But it has lots of fun facts. Like, this page here is ’10 Things We Love About Mandy,’ and the very first fact is ‘Mandy is proud of her big feet.'”

Insisting this fact is not true, Moore added: “I do have a size-10 foot, but I’m not proud of it!

“I’m not proud of being called bigfoot.”

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Moore also spoke about how she was supposed to be on her first tour in 13 years right now, as well as how she feels performing in front of no audience on her Instagram with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

See more in the clip above.
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