Trevor Noah Is Wowed By Apple’s ‘New’ Solution To The Face Mask Problem

Frustrated iPhone users have been running into trouble accessing their phones lately.

On Thursday’s “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah reported on a “new” feature Apple is introducing so that people wearing face masks can bypass the FaceID system on the most recent iPhone models.

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Referring to the company as “the world’s biggest tech giant and smallest producer of apples,” Noah explained, “It’s been reported that Apple is about to launch a new feature to fix this problem, by letting people punch in a secret code that unlocks the phone. Yeah!”

He continued, “And I know what the haters are gonna say, ‘Oh, we had this technology years ago.’ Yeah, exactly. This is the genius of Apple, they’re trying to take us back in time. Because if we’re back in time, there’s no corona. And Cheryl hasn’t broken up with me.”

From there, Noah moved on to taking shots at Tesla CEO Elon Musk for his recent tweets calling stay-at-home orders during the pandemic “fascism.”

Noah sarcastically agreed, “You definitely can’t go to H&M, and that is the very definition of fascism.”

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He then added, “I see what Elon Musk is really doing here. This guy’s just trying to stir up civil unrest so that people end up buying one of his bulletproof trucks.”

Poking fun at Musk’s theory that we are all living in a giant computer simulation, Noah joked, “Now he’s like, ‘Yo, the universe might be fake but my stock price is real, let’s take this s**t seriously, people.'”

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