Rainn Wilson On The Anxieties Surrounding COVID-19: ‘They’re Natural Human Instincts And Impulses’

Rainn Wilson is chatting to fans about anxiety.

The “Office” alum spoke openly about emotions and the coronavirus pandemic in the latest episode of SoulPancake’s “Hey There, Human”, offering some reassurance that it is okay to have anxieties and fear during this time.

“Our fears and anxieties and our need to hoard are all really natural human instincts and impulses,” Wilson explained. “We are wired for anxiety… We were just animals just a short amount of time ago. So if something pops up that startles us, we’re afraid. If we’re unsure of where a threat is coming from, we’re afraid. If we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, we’re afraid. It’s ok, folks.”

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He added, “We have anxieties within us, we have things that trigger our fears and anxieties and that we are wired to be anxious because it kept us alive. It kept us going for millennia. It saved our a**es for so long to have anxiety and fear. Also, it kept us going to hoard stuff.”

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On a lighter note, Wilson, who was joined by his wife Holiday Reinhorn, asks what it’s like to be quarantined with the guy who played Dwight on “The Office”.

“You should continue, Rainn, to be the patient, sensitive, just vulnerable, intimate, present guy that you already are,” she joked, before giving her real answer. “No, I think you’re a sore loser at ping-pong.”

“Hey There, Human” airs at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT every weekday on the @SoulPancake Instagram channel.

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