Machine Gun Kelly Sends Bottle Of Dom Pérignon As Peace Offering To Neighbour Jeff Lewis Who Accepts The Apology

Machine Gun Kelly is raising a glass to Jeff Lewis amid their neighbourhood beef.

Lewis called out MGK’s friends on the interior designer’s SiriusXM radio show over a birthday party Kelly threw last month. Lewis noted that Kelly’s friends did not respect social distancing or other neighbours’ property.

“They still park in front of the fire hydrant. They park in front of other people’s driveways,” Lewis said on his program. “It’s just like, I think they’re so f**ked up, they just park the car wherever it lands.”

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“He can’t stand me,” Kelly said of Lewis while appearing on Lala Kent’s podcast on Thursday. “He doesn’t know that we know he does a podcast about us. He doesn’t know it’ll turn into ‘Neighbors ‘real quick. I’mma be Zac Efron. I’m Tom Petty. Petty in all caps.”

Lewis said the situation escalated on Thursday when one of Kelly’s “disciples” approached Lewis’ brother and said, “I heard you’re talking about us on your podcast.”

“It’s not a f**king podcast,” Lewis responded on Thursday. “If they have an issue, come to me. He said, ‘I heard you’ve been talking about us on your podcast and it’s not hot. This guy says, ‘I’m not aggressive but some of us are.’ That is a threat. This is a nice family neighbourhood, we don’t need to threaten each other with violence.”

Lewis insisted he had no problem with MGK and likely did not know how his friends were behaving: “He’d probably be much smarter than that… If this happens again, this guy will be spending his stimulus check on bail and attorney’s fees.”

“They have to understand, I don’t hate them. My neighbours hate them because my neighbours have complained about them to me,” he added. “Every time the cops show up, or every time a car gets towed, or every time someone gets a ticket, they’re assuming it’s me. It’s not me. I didn’t call the cops. When you Instastory a gathering … you are opening yourself up for criticism.”

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In fact, Lewis referred to MGK as “a rather respectable neighbour.”

Kelly heard Lewis’ response on Thursday’s SiriusXM show and sent over a peace offering. The rapper placed a bottle of Dom Pérignon on a skateboard and rolled it over to Lewis’house.

“Jeff, as the new guy on the block — referring to you — I wish we had a chance to meet,” he said at the end of the video. “I’m sure there are years of noise to come from my house, so I hope we have a mutual understanding. If you ever need anything, just come knocking. Until then, I’m going to send this over your way, cheers neighbour.”

Lewis responded via Instagram.

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I accept. Now please move your car @machinegunkelly

A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on

Sharing a picture of the champagne, Lewis added, “I accept. Now please move your car @machinegunkelly.”

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