Joe Pantoliano was reportedly rushed to a hospital after being struck by a car.

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Pantoliano and his family were walking in their Connecticut neighbourhood when a skidding Porsche struck the “Sopranos” actor, according to a report from TMZ. The Porsche had been T-boned by another vehicle, the publication added, sourcing the actor’s wife Nancy Pantoliano.

“Nancy says Joe was sent flying a couple feet backward into an old wooden fence. He suffered a gash on his head, plus injuries to his left leg and a shoulder,” the report reads. “EMTs quickly arrived and rushed Joe to a hospital where he’s being treated and waiting on the results of a CT scan.”

Pantoliano is expected to pull through, local police are investigating the situation and both drivers stayed at the potential crime scene.

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ET Canada reached out to a rep for the actor, who said Pantoliano “is home recovering and being monitored for a concussion and chest trauma. He is grateful for the good wishes of his fans.”

Pantoliano later took to Instagram to share an update, showing off stitches on his head while the caption reveals he suffered “a severe head injury” and will be “going dark for a couple of days while recovering.”