Stevie Nicks spoke with Rolling Stone about her experience in quarantine, and revealed the pandemic hasn’t affected her as much as it has other musicians because she had already planned to take the year off.

“We’ve been on the road one way or another, whether it was me or whether it be with Mac, since basically since 2009. I had seven months off in 2016. That’s the only vacation I had,” she explained, revealing she planned to use the time to work on a book and movie based on the original Welsh folk tale that inspired her Fleetwood Mac hit “Rhiannon”.

“So I think it’s not as hard for me as it is for the bands that had a tour coming up this year,” she said. “Because they’d be getting ready to go into rehearsal right now. So not only is your tour canceled and your rehearsal cancelled, but you’re quarantined to your house?”

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While she’s housebound, Nicks has been spending her time listening to Harry Styles’ Fine Line, an album she absolutely adores and places among some pretty revered company.

“To me, it’s just like the summer of Crosby, Stills & Nash, where I listened to nothing but [their debut album] for six months. And then it’s the same way I felt when Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark came out; I listened to nothing but Court and Spark for six months. Harry is recounting a lot of experiences that I had in my own life, beautifully. And making me remember stuff, and bringing back memories that I really didn’t love and memories that I did love. For me to hear a record made by somebody in his mid-20s that says a lot of things that I haven’t gotten around to saying yet blows my mind,” she said.

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When it comes to what she’s been watching on TV, the 71-year-old Fleetwood Mac songstress singled out Global medical drama “New Amsterdam”.

Revealing she’s had trouble sleeping in the midst of the pandemic, Nicks said she typically goes to sleep around 7 a.m. and wakes up around 2 in the afternoon.

“And then I get up and go to the big TV room and I and I sit in there and watch the news. And I watch ‘New Amsterdam’, which I really love, and is very inspiring for me. I could write an entire album, just on the ‘New Amsterdam’ show.”

Zach Dilgard/NBC
Zach Dilgard/NBC — Zach Dilgard/NBC

This isn’t the first time that Nicks has praised the new album from Styles, who inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist last year.

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In later March, she took to Twitter to compare Fine Line to Fleetwood Mac’s mega-hit 1977 classic Rumours.