Julia Louis-Dreyfus is continuing her virtual reunion segments, this time with Jason Alexander for a “Seinfeld” reunion.

“I can’t stand it, I’m so happy to see you!” Louis-Dreyfus expressed.

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The two watched “The Chinese Restaurant” from season 2 and “The Contest” from season 4 ahead of the reunion to refresh their memories.

“It was really like doing an unrehearsed play. You had a couple of moments that made me laugh out loud,” Alexander said about “The Chinese Restaurant” episode which he called his most memorable to shoot.

“I remember feeling like it was like the inmates running the asylum,” the “Veep” alum joked. “It was a real feeling of ‘f**k it,’ we’re just gonna do this.”

Louis-Dreyfus also revealed that people still yell “can you spare a square?” at her in the streets and all anyone really wants is to see her do the Elaine dance.

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Alexander, who was a very memorable George, almost never got the part as Danny DeVito, Paul Schaffer and Chris Rock were all offered it first.

And even once he had it, Alexander said that early on in the show he would confront creator Larry David every time he wasn’t in an episode threatening to leave because Jerry already had a “best friend” in Elaine.

The reunion helped raise funds for Direct Relief. Louis-Dreyfus has been holding weekly reunions in support of the coronavirus relief effort and has raised $40,000 to date.