Taylor Swift had a sweet surprise for a Utah nurse.

Whitney Hilton, a registered nurse, shared the message and collection of Lover items she was sent on her 30th birthday after helping out at Northwell Health’s Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

“I wanted to send you some presents and to let you know I am so grateful for you,” Swift wrote. “I can’t thank you enough for risking your life to help people and for spreading the message loudly that people need to hear about taking this seriously.”

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She added, “Also, I saw the photo of you from my show! Thank you for coming! I would love to give you a hug next time and thank you in person. With love and admiration, Taylor.”

Last month, Hilton wrote a blog post published by Intermountain Healthcare, where she described her journey from Utah to Long Island to help out in what she called “a modern war.”

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“This is a humbling experience,” Hilton said in the post. “I have so much to say but almost too overwhelmed to say it all. New York has been hit HARD. The people need help, the nurses need help, the doctors need help, everyone needs help. This is crisis mode like I’ve never seen. This is an incredible experience, albeit the hardest thing I’ve ever done AND equally the most rewarding.”