Just Sam got emotional following her “American Idol” performance Sunday.

The contestant belted out Bill Withers’ “Grandma’s Hands” as a tribute to her beloved grandmother.

After receiving a huge amount of praise from the judges and finding out she’d made the top 10, Sam, who is in quarantine alone, broke down in tears.

“I just wish I had, like, one person here,” she said, according to Yahoo!

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Host Ryan Seacrest insisted, “I wish we were there next to you. It’s so hard to be giving these results and then not be able to be there next to you, you know?”

Sam previously explained how she’d made the decision to self-isolate in California, rather than return to the Harlem projects, where she lives with her grandmother.

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The singer, who said her grandma was incredibly proud of her, shared, “I don’t have much, just my two suitcases that I packed about two months ago. I have my Bible that I sleep next to every night. Even though I don’t have much, I have those things, and it helps.”