Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About Her Mom’s Style, Being Single & More

Tracee Ellis Ross is counting her blessings.

The 47-year-old actress is on the cover of the new Porter magazine, and in the issue she discusses everything about her famous mom, singlehood, and life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking about the influence her mom Diana Ross had on her style, Tracee says, “Clothing, hair and makeup were not part of the male gaze for my mom. She owned her sensuality and her sexuality in a way I found very empowering because it wasn’t about ‘Look at me’, it was about ‘This is me’.”

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Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Olivia Malone for Porter
Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Olivia Malone for Porter

She also talks about her unique childhood being raised by a famous mom.

“There were certain moments she couldn’t be involved in, like taking me school shopping because it was distracting,” Ross says. “And yeah, I was at the White House multiple times as a child, Andy Warhol painted me, and Michael Jackson was a friend of the family. But I was aware of how unique and extraordinary it was; it wasn’t something I took for granted.”

On the subject of being single, Ross talks about the way people perceive her as a single woman

“People misinterpret being happily single as not wanting to be in a relationship. Of course, I want to be in a relationship but what am I going to do?” she says. “Spend all the time that I’m not [in one] moping around? No. I’m going to live my life to the fullest and I’m going to be happy right here, where I am.”

Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Olivia Malone for Porter
Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo: Olivia Malone for Porter

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On the coronavirus pandemic Ross says, “I hate that it has taken a pandemic and so much pain and loss and fear to get me, and all of us, connected back to our humanity in this way. As much as my heart is heavy, I’m doing my best to stay focused on the silver lining that exists.”

One thing that has given her comfort under quarantine has been sharing recipes with her friends.

“I have a text thread with my closest girlfriends in NYC and recipes are flying all over the place.”

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