CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin gives Ellen DeGeneres an update on her health following her recent battle with coronavirus during Monday’s show.

Baldwin, who insists she’s “so much better” now, says despite the virus being emotionally and physically draining, she gained clarity in both her personal and professional life.

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The journalist explains, “It hit me the worst farther in. It’s incredibly frustrating and there were more than a few tears in the house.”

She adds, “It messes with you emotionally. For me it would get worse in the evenings.”

Baldwin also thanks everyone for their “love, support and prayers,” which she says “helped get me through.”

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She now wants to help anyone still battling the virus by donating blood.

DeGeneres ends the interview by surprising Baldwin with a champagne delivery because she’s been missing it a lot after losing her sense of taste and smell. See her reaction in the clip above.

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