Dreaming of freedom and singing songs about being bored in the house is something a lot of us can probably relate to right now while practicing safe social distancing.

For Carlos Díaz Ballesta, a man in Marbella, Spain, he has taken that to a whole new level by dressing up as late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury as a way to entertain his neighbours and make them smile amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A video that has recently gone viral shows Díaz Ballesta rocking one of Mercury’s signature looks — light wash denim jeans, a white tank top, mustache and all! — and belting out “I Want to Break Free” from his balcony.

The best part of all? The fact that his moves are on-point, and that his use of a vacuum is a nod to the official “I Want to Break Free” music video Queen released in 1984.

Watch the original music video here…

…and then see Díaz Ballesta’s epic quarantine interpretation in the video above!

Back in 1982, ET exclusively spoke with Mercury about his onstage persona and public image, where he called himself “a big ham” who doesn’t really take himself “that seriously.”

“Not anymore. There was a time in the early days where our music was really pompous, very serious, and people thought, ‘Oh god, what little bores,'” he recalled. “At that time, we were getting a bit serious … but after 10 years, you got to kind of ease off it a little. I personally just have a good time just fooling around onstage.”

“That’s the way I want to perform,” he continued. “It’s grasping a song and delivering it the way I feel it.”

Read more Good News stories here, and watch below for more highlights from Mercury’s rare interview with ET:

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