Classified has a new song for those seeking “Good News”.

The Canadian hip-hop artist teamed up with Breagh Isabel and O’Sound for the official music video for “Good News”. The visuals were released on Tuesday following the song’s April 17 release.

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Classified wrote, recorded the song and shot the music video well before the COVID-19 pandemic and Nova Scotia mass shootings. The Nova Scotia-native was compelled to press forward with the song’s release in light of recent hardships.

I’ve been waiting on some good news/For the clouds to part and let the light shine through,” Isabel sings in the chorus. “I wanna wake up to a better tomorrow/ I’ve had enough, where is the trust, where is the truth, it’s about time for some good news.”

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I’m just happy to be breathing,” Classified raps, almost predicting the oncoming storm. “I ain’t trying to see what’s on the newcast this evening.”

Classified, Isabel and O’Sound also performed a live quarantined version of “Good News” on Instagram.