Aaron Carter Says Nick Carter’s Solo Albums ‘Never Held A Candle To Mine’

Aaron Carter will always love his brother, Nick Carter, but there is no love lost.

Aaron opened up about the fractured relationship between him and Nick on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast. The recently publicized nature of the hostilities would suggest their beef is new, but Aaron says it goes way back.

“Nick and I were never close,” Aaron said of his older brother. “Everyone has it wrong. The relationship went sour when I started selling records and when my mom was with me all the time.”

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“Maybe there were issues with my mom being with me all the time not being with them on tour. Me being the highlight,” Aaron added. “My parents weren’t able to go on tour with the Backstreet Boys or manage them. So they put me into the industry.”

Aaron believes Nick “feels entitled” for the former’s commercial success.

“I’ve always looked up to my brother,” Aaron expressed. “Looked up to him vocally and as a big brother. Was he a tough big brother? Yes. He was punk.”

“My brother feels entitled and responsible for my career,” he asserted. “Because I opened up for the Backstreet Boys. Then I got signed to a record label the next day.”

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In reality, Aaron believes his superior success as a solo artist speaks for itself.

“Let me put it into perspective. I love my brother, but his solo projects never held a candle to mine. And that’s a fact,” Aaron stated. “On my third album, at the end, it promotes my brother’s solo album. I sold like 4, 5, 6 million. He sold 1 million on his solo album.”

“He was featured on my projects. that was fun, it was cool, but I don’t feel when we did music videos together or on stage together performing,” he continued. “I don’t feel like my brother was really there, in it with me. It was like an underlying competition.”

Ultimately, Aaron is looking to move forward: “I was hurt by the immaturity of the statement he released. But onward and upward.”

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