Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern proved quarantine birthdays can be a lot of fun during their Instagram Live chat Monday.

The pair went live to have a chat and a cocktail, with Witherspoon revealing Dern made her birthday wishes come true. The “Legally Blonde” actress turned 44 on March 22.

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“It was the very beginning of quarantine and I only had one thing that I wanted,” Witherspoon explained, according to InStyle. “And you can tell them what it is.”

Dern added, “She wanted us to reenact, yes it’s true, a scene from ‘Dynasty’.”

Witherspoon revealed she played Linda Evans’ Krystle Carrington, while Dern took on the role of Alexis Carrington, originally played by Joan Collins.

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Dern shared of reenacting the scene from the ’80s soap opera, “The most fun thing was, we just started watching clips of the two of them like crazy to figure out what we could reenact in our quarantine social distanced world. And our teenagers were our crew, they were amazing.”

“Our teenagers filmed it, did the music, and edited it,” Witherspoon continued. “Maybe one day, we’ll let people see it.”

“Maybe one day,” Dern admitted, as Witherspoon told viewers: “We did our own hair and makeup!”

The “Big Little Lies” actresses also spoke about how they bonded over having teenage kids, revealing what it’s been like in quarantine with them so far. See more in the clip above.

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