Mick Jagger Shows Jimmy Fallon How To Do Something ‘Useful’ During Quarantine

Mick Jagger is stepping up during his time in quarantine.

In a surprise appearance on “The Tonight Show”, the Rolling Stones frontman starred in a BBC News parody video introduced by Jimmy Fallon.

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In the old-fashioned-style clip, Jagger plays a man carelessly strumming on his guitar during the pandemic as a voice-over narrator calls him out.

The musician then takes to doing chores around the house, like fixing a door, tending to a car motor, chopping vegetables, gardening, and herding sheep.

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Jagger and the rest of the Stones have been busy lately. Despite cancelling their planned summer tour, the band have released the new single “Living in a Ghost Town” and performed remotely during the “One World: Together at Home” benefit special.

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