Rachel Weisz is ready to make a splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As Harper’s Bazaar UK June cover star, the actress, 50, is opening up about making her MCU debut just months after welcoming a daughter with husband, Daniel Craig.

“I think all women would recognize that as daunting,” she admitted of returning to work 9 months after giving birth. “I didn’t have my core, shall we say. It was a good incentive to do some Pilates and dance cardio.”

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Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK/PAMELA HANSON
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK/PAMELA HANSON

And when asked about being a working mom, Weisz said, “Isn’t that just what all mums do all the time? And we’ve been doing it for many centuries. Hats off to working mums!”

But added, “I’m not a nurse or a doctor or a dustman or a teacher. They’re the real superheroes. I’m useless. I can’t help save anybody’s life right now – but I can maybe help to cheer people up.”

Weisz will star next to Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and David Harbour in the upcoming “Black Widow” standalone film. And despite her excitement for the new film, the star loved Brie Larson’s entrance into the MCU as Captain Marvel.

“I just loved seeing a woman under duress, dealing with all the stuff the world threw at her and being fairly tough, but also funny and vulnerable – it made it very interesting to me to see a woman take on foes like that,” she explained. “She really has got incredible superpowers, she can definitely fly, right? Seeing a woman fly! As I watched it, I was her.”

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Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK/PAMELA HANSON
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar UK/PAMELA HANSON

And Weisz is excited about another female-heavy superhero flick.

“The ’80s and ’90s were really s**t for women. But I used to watch a lot of black and white movies with my mum – Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn, they were very powerful in the narratives,” she explained. “Bette Davis didn’t have superpowers but she’s powerful as hell. I do think it’s important for girls growing up to see stories where women are front and centre and to see a female politician, or a female prime minister. It’s about identification, it’s seeing possibilities. We need more stories about women. We need more role models!”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the “Black Widow” release date has been pushed to Nov. 6.

Weisz’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK hits newsstands May 6.

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