‘Dangerous Lies’ Star Jamie Chung Reveals Which Tarantino Character She’d Love To Play

Jamie Chung participated in IMDb’s “Take 5”, with the “Dangerous Lies” star answering five questions.

She began by answering the first question, “What actor would make you tongue-tied if you met them?”

She recalled meeting Meryl Streep, whom her husband — actor Bryan Greenberg — worked with in the 2005 film “Prime”.

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“I wasn’t tongue-tied,” she admitted. “I just clammed up. I was so shy and so nervous around this person that I did not say a word.”

Another question: What classic movie role does she wish she could play? She offered an interesting response.

“What makes a movie classic?” she asks. “Is a movie like ‘Kill Bill’, which was made in 2003, a classic? Because if it is, I would die to play Uma Thurman in ‘Kill Bill’.”

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She adds: “It’s a revenge flick, it’s a strong female character, you see Uma’s character at the lowest of her lows to the highest of her highs. And that journey from low to high is like one of the most epic comebacks ever in history, and I would love to play that character.”

Chung provides more answers to more questions in the video above.

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