Jimmy Fallon is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with a catchy new song honoring all that teachers do.

Like so many parents who are getting a first-hand education in how difficult it is to be a teacher as they homeschool their children amid the coronavirusshutdowns, Fallon is singing the praises of teachers everywhere, literally.

On Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show: Home Edition”, Fallon debuted his “Teachers’ Day Song.” The host and comedian performed the song while strumming his acoustic guitar and crooning the celebratory tune, which starts with a sentiment almost everyone can agree with: “Teachers should make a billion dollars.”

“They spend their days wranglin’ all our crazy kids/ When they go out, they should get free bottomless wine/ Teachers deserve a month-long spa day/ And cucumbers on their eyes,” Fallon sings. “Teachers should make a billion dollars/ And when it’s time for arts and crafts/ They should get swarmed by paparazzi/ Who demand selfies and autographs.”

“Teachers shouldn’t have to pay their taxes/ they should get cheered around the clock/ At the bank, they should just throw money at them/ And at Chipotle, they should always get free guac,” the song continues, hammering home just how vitally important educators are to everyone’s lives.

Fallon has been self-isolating with his family amid the coronavirus crisis and has incorporated his wife, Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters — Winnie, 6, and Frances, 5 — into his “Tonight Show: Home Edition”

Check out the video below for a look at how the host has turned to his little girls for help producing the remote version of his late night talk show.


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