50 Cent is clearing up his big feud with Oprah Winfrey.

In recent months, the rapper has hit out at Winfrey for her involvement in documentaries about black men accused of sexual assault, including Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons.

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In an interview this week with the Guardian, 50 Cent said, “She was completely against everything that was in my music. So she ain’t never going to have me on that show. I’m never going to reach that platform, which is confirmation of you being a huge success. So I just said: OK, if we can’t be friends, then at least let’s be enemies.”

Appearing Tuesday night on “Watch What Happens Live”, the rapper was asked again about the feud.

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“I made a comment about not understanding why we’re choosing specific people for the #MeToo stuff, the documentaries,” he explained to Andy Cohen.

“The president has those accusations, and no one has a documentary on the president,” 50 Cent continued. “And as far as entertainment is concerned, I thought that [Harvey] Weinstein was bigger than the other guys in entertainment that we see. Those other guys are just easy victims, that’s all.”