Justin Bieber will be a gourmet chef in no time with some guidance from his wife, Hailey Bieber.

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The Biebers have offered new insight into their private lives after teaming up with Facebook Watch for “The Biebers On Watch”. The latest instalment is titled, “Cooking With The Biebers” and shows Hailey talking the lead with help from Sous Chef Justin.

Hailey crafts Bieber’s favourite pasta dish comprised of sausage, tomato sauce, heavy cream and gluten-free pasta. She teaches Justin the fundamentals of boiling water and adding pasta. At one point, Hailey amusingly takes over and pulls double duty with sausage in one hand and pasta in the other.

Justin also learns the secret art to straining pasta, all while the newlyweds also have some pleasant chats.

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“So what’d you say your favourite song on my album is?” he asks, while chopping onions. Hailey replies, “‘E.T.A.’…I just like the vibe of it. I like ‘E.T.A.’ I like ‘Available.'”