Inventive Assassinations On ‘Killing Eve’ Are Inspired By Actual Murders

There are many ways to die, yet “Killing Eve” assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) manages to cook up an inventive array of murder techniques, ranging from killing a target by stabbing him in the eye with a hairpin to wearing poison perfume that is lethal when inhaled.

As far-fetched as these murders may seem, they’re actually inspired by real-life killings.

In the latest edition of the “Obsessed with Killing Eve” podcast, BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera revealed how he worked with the show’s writers to help devise unique murder methods for Villanelle.

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“I literally went away and I wrote this document called the ‘Kill List,’ which is somewhere on my laptop. Which is basically a load of different ways to kill people, but just slightly crazy quirky ways,” Corera told podcast hosts Naomi Shimada and Zing Tsjeng.

Asked to single out his favourite murder, he selected the aforementioned poisoned perfume that Villanelle used to whack a fragrance mogul.

“That had come from a real one [assassination] in an airport in Asia,” Corera said.

While it’s easy to think of professional assassins as existing solely in the realm of James Bond-style fiction, Corera insists they are very real.

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“One of the things that we’ve seen in the last few years is that Russia really does have assassins,” he said. “It really does send people out.”

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