Neve Campbell Talks New ‘Scream’ Reboot, Reveals Zoom Cast Reunion In The Works

Neve Campbell is in talks to return to “Scream” for another scary addition to the 1996 horror hits and its trio of sequels.

The 46-year-old actress spoke with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, and revealed that she has been in discussions about being part of the upcoming “Scream”.

“They’ve come back to me and we’re having a conversation. Hopefully we can see eye to eye. I think they’ve got something good there. It’s hard to consider doing it without Wes Craven,” she said. Craven, who directed all four of the “Scream” movies, passed away in 2015.

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“But we’ll see,” added Campbell. “Who knows when we can even get back to work. I don’t think anyone even knows how to have this negotiation right now.”

However, fans may not need to wait that long to see Campbell and her “Scream” co-stars together again. According to Campbell, co-star Matthew Lillard “actually reached out to me yesterday with a charity that would like to get the ‘Scream’ cast together… Why not? It’s for charity… I think we will do it. I don’t see why not.”

Asked if she was excited about the possibility of a Zoom reunion, Campbell responded, “Yeah. I do see the cast once in awhile because we do signing conventions sometimes, so we see each other, which is a treat. So we’ve definitely stayed in touch.”

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