Mark Wahlberg learned a lot from his mom, Alma Wahlberg.

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The “Instant Family” actor honoured his mom while delivering a speech outside of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for National Nurses Day. The day also coincided with Alma’s birthday.

“It’s fitting that on this day, the start of Nurses Appreciation Week is my mom’s birthday,” the actor said. “My mom gave birth to nine children. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the ‘Wahlburgers’ TV show but my mom always steals the show and she’s doing that again today.

“It’s her birthday after giving birth to nine kids, she put herself through nursing school to work at the very same hospital where she gave birth to all of us,” he added. “I’ve always had a deep appreciation for what my mom did… And for what people do in public service.”

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You can watch Wahlberg’s full speech in the fourth panel of the Instagram post published by Children’s Hospital of L.A.