Emily Ratajkowski Talks Unsung Heroes, Proving People Wrong And More In British GQ

Emily Ratajkowski is shining a light on the real heroes.

The model, entrepreneur and activist is one of six people featured on five separate covers for British GQ‘s Heroes issue.

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For her part, Ratajkowski decided to highlight her unsung hero, April Grayson, who is “someone who goes up against systems of power,” and “fights the status quo even when it’s difficult or inconvenient.”

“As a culture,” she adds, “we’re really quick to celebrate or congratulate a celebrity who uses their platform for good, and that’s cool, but often we overlook incredible people who do amazing work for their community and for the world at large. One of those people is a woman called April Grayson, who I was lucky enough to speak on the phone with last week about the health and safety of incarcerated women and girls during this global pandemic. April knows the terrors of being incarcerated first-hand, and she’s dedicated her life very courageously to advocating for those behind bars.”

Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Sebastian Bear-McClard for GQ
Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Sebastian Bear-McClard for GQ

Ratajkowski also talks about her desire to prove people wrong about herself.

“I think, for me, the way I use my image and as a model and capitalize off of it has been very much about survival, rather than a representation of who I am,” she says. “Modelling was an amazing way to make money and gain stability; fame came with that and it was a bizarre thing. Fame wasn’t something I had really expected or really wanted – although deep down probably every 20 year old girl wants to be famous a little bit.

She continues, “I realized I had made assumptions about Demi Moore too. I definitely wrote her off a little bit, as an actress, because she was so sexy, because she had that body. And I’m Em Rata, so that’s seriously ironic. It just goes to show how deeply internalised misogyny is.”

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Given her political activism, Ratajkowski also shares her opinion on Donald Trump’s re-election prospects.

“My feeling is [Trump’s] re-election prospects are just a response to moderate politics. It’s the same thing that happened with Brexit; the choice to keep things as they are, centre, or vote for change and move to the right,” she says. “And when you look at most working people’s realities they are interested in ‘How do I feed my kids?’ or ‘How do I pay my rent?’ They aren’t interested in trans rights or trans bathrooms – they are just trying to survive.”

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