Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Tracee Ellis Ross and more stars are sharing an inside look at life at home during the global coronavirus pandemic.

As part of Allure‘s “Where the Heart Is: 17 Stories on the Simple Comfort of Beaty at Home” portfolio in the magazine’s latest issue, celebrities and beauty experts are sharing their thoughts on finding wellness and love during the crisis.

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Speaking about being in quarantine at home with her husband Cash Warren and their three children, Alba contends, “I think the pandemic has brought a lot more compassion and empathy to our own family, in the way we interact with each other, but also how we think about others.”

She adds, “It has spurred a lot of really interesting conversations with my kids about personal responsibility and the cause and effect of your choices. We’ve all learned that lesson, and I think that will stick with them forever.”

Photo: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Allure
Photo: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Allure

Sharing a portrait shot by her husband Jason Statham, Huntington-Whiteley opens up about making memories at home.

“We take a lot of pictures of family life together,” she says. “I think often in a time of crisis we’re led to believe that we have to make massive grand gestures and it can be overwhelming. For me, there are a lot of small things that you can do day-to-day. This is a time of reflection for all of us.”

Discussing her motto during quarantine, Ross says, “My motto before this was always, ‘Work hard and take care of yourself,’ and now it’s switched to, ‘Be easy, be gentle, and be joyful.’ I am not a different person in a pandemic. I am the same person. I am just as mindful of self-care — the simple things bring me tons of joy. All of that is the same, but I’m allowing a very different frame around it. I worry for so many people that are on the front lines that are keeping our world moving and working that we so often take for granted.”

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Revealing that she misses the smell of loved ones, in particular, the actress adds, “I miss hugs and sitting in the presence of people that I love and being able to lean on them physically. And, honestly, [I miss] people’s smells. I miss that a lot.”

Also featured in the piece is Nina Dobrev, who discusses feeling more connected than ever to her family and friends while at home.

“In the first couple of days, Netflix was a welcome distraction from what’s going on in the world. Then, after a while, well, we’re humans. We crave purpose and we crave meaning to what we’re doing and why we’re here. And so I’ve been trying to pick up new hobbies and get outside to exercise when I can. I’ve been reading a lot, which is therapeutic for my brain,” she explains. “I’m calling my parents more. I’m talking to all my friends more. We are connecting more now than we were before, even though we can’t see each other.”

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Meanwhile, Lily Aldridge opens up about dealing with anxiety during the pandemic.

“I think it’s important to not be too hard on yourself [to be productive] during this time,” she says. “If you want a day to kind of be on the couch and feel your emotions, let that happen. Just to do whatever it is that you and your family need. What helps me deal with anxiety and worry is working out. So during my one-year-old son’s second nap, after I’m done with my daughter’s school, I’ll let her have free time and I’ll set an hour for myself and I’ll work out in a corner of my bedroom.”

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