After reportedly backing out of a scheduled interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the woman accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault is speaking out in a new interview with former NBC host Megyn Kelly.

On Thursday, Kelly posted a brief excerpt of the conversation on her social media platforms.

Reade alleges that in 1993, when she served as a Senate aide, then-Sen. Biden pinned her to a wall and penetrated her digitally. Reade’s claims, notes the New York Times, have been met with suspicion due to numerous inconsistencies in her story and assorted evidence that questions her veracity.

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“She gets very candid, very emotional, and handles many direct challenges to her account. She also has a message directly for the former vice president,” Kelly told The Hill of the conversation.

Biden has denied her claims outright. “They aren’t true,” the former vice-president said in a statement on Friday. “This never happened.”

In the clip, Kelly asks Reade about Biden’s statement, which reads in part that “women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and when they step forward they should be heard, not silenced.”

In response, Reade says, “I think it’s been stunning how some of his surrogates… have been saying really horrible things about me and to me on social media.”

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And while Biden himself has said nothing negative about her, she insists “there’s a measure of hypocrisy.”

Ever since she came forward, Reade adds, “All my social media’s been hacked… Every person who’s ever had a gripe against me — an ex-boyfriend, an ex-landlord — has been able to have a platform, rather than me, talking about things that have nothing to do with 1993.”

Referring to internet rumours that she’s a Russian asset, Reade says “that thing in particular, that incites people. I got a death threat because they thought I was being a traitor to America.”

Speaking of Biden, she adds, “His campaign is taking this position that they want all women to be able to speak safely. I have not experienced that.”

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Asked by Kelly if she has anything to say to Biden if he’s watching, Reade responds by addressing him directly. “I want to say, you and I were there, Joe Biden. Please step forward and be accountable. You should not be running on character for the president of the United States,” she says.

Kelly then asks whether Reade wants him to withdraw from his presidential bid.

“I wish he would,” she says. “He won’t, but I wish he would. That’s how I feel emotionally.”

Asked if she wants an apology, Reade responds, “I think it’s a little late.”