A B.C.-based video company is making the most of its time at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The three people behind One Peak Creative in Kelowna are keeping their skills sharp and challenging themselves to produce, film and edit one video a day featuring an existing commercial product.

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“When [the pandemic] happened, and social distancing came into effect, it made basically impossible to do our jobs,” said co-owner and videographer Conair Fair.
“What if we created a new ad, every single day, just for fun? Post it at 8 p.m. [to Instagram], see what people think and see how we could have fun with it?”

For the past 14 days, they’ve been busy creating those ads.

On Day 10, they decided to do a video about Aviation American Gin, of which Vancouver-born movie star Ryan Reynolds owns a stake.

The trio wanted to riff off a tongue-in-cheek video the actor did that features him reading out rejected slogans to promote the gin, such as, “It’s just vodka after its wish was granted.”

They wanted to turn one of the failed slogans into a new ad, so they created a Bonnie-and-Clyde concept and posted it on social media.

Fair said he awoke the next morning to his colleagues excitedly telling him than Reynolds, his wife Blake Lively, and the gin company had commented on the social media post.

“It kind of felt like being a kid on Christmas,” he said. “It was incredible.”

Said Reynolds’ comment: “First off, how in the absolute gin-jumping hell did you pull this off?!? Incredible work. We may have to hire you. Or kidnap you? We’re still figuring it out.”

One Peak, which started in Vancouver five years ago before moving to Kelowna two years ago, has also created mock ads for Destination BC, BC SPCA, Tide, Turbo Tax Canada, Converse and Lululemon.

“The response has been incredible,” Fair said. “Adsolation is definitely something we’d like to keep going. I think after this first month, we’ll take a week off.”