Whoopi Goldberg spoke about returning to movies, her time on “The View”, and more in a new interview on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show”.

Stern mentioned all the times Goldberg was fantastic on screen, insisting she should go back to movies at some point.

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Goldberg, who has been on “The View” since 2007, joked, “You have to have people ask you to master things,” before saying of Stephen King’s drama miniseries: “I have ‘The Stand’ coming up, it’s kind of fabulous. Things come up and I think my time has been spread.”

“I guess I’m supposed to be doing this right now,” she continued.

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“I guess I’m supposed to be in this chair every day saying, ‘Listen, we do not have to buy into fear or panic. We can master this if we do it together.’ Somebody needs to stand up when the person in the White House says, ‘Hey, maybe we should ingest some bleach.’

“Sure, I’d like to be making a movie and I’m sure I will again.”

Watch Goldberg also talk about her incredible “Color Purple” audition in front of Steven Spielberg and his A-list friends in the clip below.

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