Courteney Cox paid a virtual visit to Thursday’s at-home edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and the subject of Mother’s Day came up.

After host Jimmy Kimmel asked Cox what her 15-year-old daughter Coco has planned for Mother’s Day, she responded by declaring her happiness that gag-gift chain Spencer’s isn’t open during the pandemic.

“Last year, Coco got me a book, I think The Sound of Farts,” Cox explained. “I love farts, I do. I love a fart joke. But I don’t want that. I want to have a nice handwritten letter, something talking about her feelings for me.”

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Cox also revealed that while quarantining she’s been “cooking so much I’m exhausted from cooking,” and she’s been communicating via Zoom with a professional chef who’s helping her perfect various types of cuisine.

In another part of the segment, Cox joined Kimmel to thank this week’s Health Care Heroes, mother-and-daughter nurses Uchenna and Ona, who travelled from Arkansas to New York to lend their assistance.

Cox and Kimmel surprised the pair — and all the other nurses staying in their hotel — with authentic New York-style pizza from Brooklyn, along with $10,000 in cash and an array of gifts.