“Too Hot To Handle” contestants Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey appeared to get engaged, that might not be the cast

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After teasing a virtual episode on social media for a few days, Netflix released the highly anticipated special “Extra Hot: The Reunion” on Friday, May 8.

Of course, fans had to sit through the entire hour-long episode to witness the exciting moment.

While giving an update on the status of their relationship, Farago and Jowsey revealed their plans after quarantine.

The 21-year-old Australian piped up and shared that the couple had been looking at engagement rings.

Farago quickly added that she really thought that a proposal should be done in person.

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However, Jowsey took it upon himself to whip out a Ring Pop and ask the 26-year-old influencer for her hand in marriage.

Of course, she said yes!

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However, after the fact, Farago stuck on her word that the engagement should be done in person. 

“I asked him, like, ‘Are we engaged?’ And he’s like, ‘I asked you to marry me, so I don’t know,’” Farago told Variety.

“I think it definitely just needs to be done in-person, like a proper proposal. So, as of right now, no, we’re not engaged, for everyone who’s been asking,” she said.

But just to confuse things, she added, “I mean, we kind of are, but I don’t know because how do you really decide that via Zoom call? It’s hard to say. But we talked about it. We had a shared folder about wedding rings, and he kept saying, ‘What ring do you want?’ And I just said, ‘Oh, just get me a Ring Pop,’ so that’s what I said…it was funny, it was cute, I was definitely not prepared for it. It was a cute gesture.”

The full “Extra Hot: The Reunion” special is now available to stream on Netflix.