Queen Latifah joined Jimmy Fallon for Thursday’s “Tonight Show”, and she noticed the host was trying out a new posture-correcting device he ordered from Amazon.

“I think I saw that thing. Does it work?” she asks.

“No,” says Fallon.

As the conversation progresses, Queen Latifah reveals why she has a drum set in the background, which prompts Fallon to recall the difficulties he had when setting up his drums. “Tightening stuff — it was a nightmare, dude. It was a total nightmare,” he admits. “I was making up curse words at one point.”

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This makes Queen Latifah curious.

“I want to hear a new curse word,” she says. “Because we don’t have to clear that through anybody because it’s not a real word yet.”

Fallon serves it up: “Shabulfutz!” he shouts, with his guest demonstrating how the word can be used in a sentence.

Later in the show, Queen Latifah joins Fallon for a game of “What Am I Saying”, with each of them reading phrases that seem to be gibberish but actually contain real words.

Watch below as they do their best to unravel the true meanings of such phrases as “When Knee Thump Oooo” and “Hula Ett Dah Dough Scout.”

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