Tara Reade, a onetime Senate aide, has been making headlines for her allegation that presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her back in the 1990s.

Tara Reid, on the other hand, is an actress known for her roles in “American Pie” and the “Sharknado” movies.

Unfortunately for Reid, the similarity between her name and that other Tara has led to some confusion, with the actress being hit with scorn and backlash on social media by those who mistakenly think she’s the one accusing Biden.

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“It’s so crazy. I looked at my Twitter and people were telling me ‘You’re a wrong, bad person!’” Reid told the New York Post. “I was like, ‘Who did what to who? You’ve lost your mind.’”

When Reid finally learned about Reade and her allegations, she was incredulous. “I was like, no way — it’s not me! You’ve got the wrong Tara!” she said. “Are people that stupid? I mean, c’mon … I’ve done a lot over the years, but not this… I don’t know Joe Biden … I’m not into politics at all. What is going on? The wrong person to bring into politics is me.”

However, the misunderstanding may lead to some opportunities for Reid; according to a piece in the Post‘s Page Six gossip column, a publicist for the actress says that she’ll be entering the motivational speaking arena now that her name is suddenly (albeit mistakenly) back in the news.

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“Tara Reid is set for motivational speaking on female empowerment and equal pay for women in Hollywood, after all she has been judged for being beautiful, blonde and female for many years before the #MeToo movement happened,” a literary and talent manger Philippe Ashfield tells Page Six. “Tara is set to make a major comeback in the next 12 months.”

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