Eminem stopped by for a virtual chat with Lil Wayne’s “Young Money” show on Apple Music’s Beats 1, and the veteran rappers understandably had plenty to talk about.

During the conversation, Slim Shady told Lil Wayne he’s been using his time in quarantine to do some “writing and recording,” and hinted some new music is on the way.


“I try to listen to the new music and I can get a little buzz and go [in the studio] and kill something, but I still try to go off my regular procedure, and that’s just my natural inspiration,” he explained.

Given that both rappers have been in the game for decades, how do they prevent repeating themselves?

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“When you’ve made so many songs about everything it gets a little tricky,” Eminem admitted, with Wayne adding that he sometimes finds himself Googling his own lyrics to make sure he isn’t copying something he already wrote.

Eminem chimed in to admit he does the saMe thing — and even did it the night before the interview.

The whole “Young Money” interview can be heard right here.