Christopher Meloni is selling his home but it might not be for everyone.

The “Law & Order: SVU” is asking just under $6.5 million for the Hollywood Hills house. It was also previously owned by Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and used on their show “Ozzie & Harriet” reports Variety.

On paper, it sounds like a dream come true. Spanning nearly 5,300 square feet, a guesthouse, pool and right next to Runyon Canyon, it could be yours if you don’t mind a ghost or two.

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Ricky Nelson, David Nelson, Harriet Nelson and Ozzie Nelson
Ricky Nelson, David Nelson, Harriet Nelson and Ozzie Nelson — Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In 1975, Ozzie died in the master bedroom and since then the home has changed hands many times with most owners complaining of paranormal activity including slamming and opening of doors or bedsheets flying around at night.

Real estate agent Billy Rose told The Los Angeles Times that he sold the home three times and each owner would complain of the home being haunted.

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Ozzie also owned a model train set that has stayed with the house and it reportedly would suddenly start “running in the middle of the night.”

“A child saw children playing in the yard and asked to join them,” Rose recounted but there was no one at the home. “I would always make a disclosure that there was a legend that the house was haunted.”

One owner first hired paranormal investigators to make sure “their purchase would be agreeable to the resident ghosts.” Apparently, the ghosts agreed with the purchase.